We are the best small business warehouse and fulfillment partner any
e-commerce business will need!

Why, because we really do care, and we know our sh-tuff,
so much so that it is our name!


We Are Sellers, We Are Marketers,
We Are Full Of Logistics, We Lifshitz.



About Us

It’s a family thing.

We Lifshitz is about more than us, it’s about family and you are part of that thought concept when we approach your logistics needs. We’ve been around the warehouse and distribution business for over 30 years watching how others do it and thinking we can do it better. Mother always said “Customer Service is key”, so that’s really all we focus on, YOU.
We will make it happen, remember We Lifshitz!



We become an extension of your company and work hard to maintain your exact standards of customer service.


We Lifshitz allows your company to
operate without costly brick and mortar.
We become your company’s virtual
distribution facility.


We have experience to help make sure you’ve thought of everything with your consumer product business.

How E-Commerce
Fulfillment Works

We store your products at our fulfillment center. We are small but mighty.

Receive an Order

Your online store is presumably where most of your sales come from. We integrate with Shopify, Amazon, ebay, Walmart or your online store. Once you get an order, we get to work.

We Pick, Pack, and Ship Your Order

After the order comes in, we take care of picking, packing, and shipping, so you don't have to. Phew! Now you can focus less on logistics and more on growing your business.

You Make Happy Customers

Of course, it's all about customer satisfaction. Which is why we make sure to take care of you. Whether it's storage, picking and packing, shipping your order, or integrating with your store, We make the process seamless.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

Your hands are full. Between getting the customers, developing your product, marketing, sales, and taxes, the last thing you need to be worrying about is warehousing and shipping your product.

Request A Quote

Please put as much detail about the needs you have like how many units, sizes and orders per month so we understand the scope of the project.

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